Are the contestants from ‘Eden: Paradise Lost’ the biggest bunch of dickwads in reality TV?

(The answer is yes)

Is Eden: Paradise Lost the most harrowing reality TV show ever made? Unless you’re a winner of The Voice, the answer is – yes, yes, it is very much the most harrowing reality show ever made, oh dear God it is so harrowing.

In case you missed the headlines, the show was filmed last year, with 23 castaways shipped away to the Scottish Highlands. Could they thrive in the wilderness? Nah mate, they couldn’t even maintain basic social skills. It all became so horrendous, the contestants so heinous – their behavior so homophobic, so sexist, the pleasure they took in killing animals for food so unpalatable for the typical viewer – that the show was pulled from the telly. Not that the contestants knew: having spent 12 months shooting the show, they emerged, bleary eyed, expecting to be famous. Instead, they were a bunch of wankers.

All of which created a lot of talk around the show, which its broadcaster, Channel 4, has capitalised on by condensing the Eden: Paradise into a miniseries aired in one-hour chunks all this week. Here’s what social media had to say…

There were quite a few C-bombs

Well, that’s quite enough of that, thank you very much.

These tweeters called out the sexist arseholes on the show

A macho splinter called The Valley Boys emerged and, holy moly, were they ever a gang of loathsome bungholes.

These viewers, though, found the show “interesting”

*chin stroke emoji*

One comparison kept coming up

Okay, guys, we get it, you’ve read a book. Jeeeez.

All in all, it seems like Eden: Paradise Lost was a bit of a shitshow. One question remains, though: what the hell happened at Lucy’s house last year?