‘Daria’ 20 years on – cult cartoon’s creator updates its characters

Co-creator Susie Lewis Lynn has given the sarcastic star a 2017 makeover

It’s 20 years since the airhead-bating, society-shunning Daria first hit our screens. She soon became a sardonic star, champion of deadly one-liners and putdowns. When we left her, in 2002 season finale and movie Is It College Yet?, we found her being accepted into university in Boston and breaking up with boyfriend Tom because she wasn’t keen on a long-distance relationship.

With the cult cartoon show celebrating its 20th anniversary, co-creator Susie Lewis Lynn has decided to have some fun. A piece for Entertainment Weekly sees her reimagining this army of misfits, plotting their future careers, successes and failures, 15 years after the show finished.

For Is It College Yet?’s closing credits, the show predicted possible outcomes for each character – Daria gets her own talk show, Andrea becomes a model, Sandi ends up running her own escort service. But those were just hypothetical situations – this is the real deal.

Every one of Lynn’s 2017 reincarnations comes complete with an animation from character designer Karen Disher. So now you no longer have to wonder what your favourite character ended up doing.

What’s going on, then? Jane Lane is a professional artist who hasn’t quite hit the big time. Daria’s younger sister Quinn has her own YouTube channel. As for Daria, she’s essentially living the Liz Lemon from 30 Rock lifestyle, working a writing job at a late night comedy show in New York City. Not too shabby.

Find out what Daria’s best characters would be doing in 2017 below.