‘Would you say ‘I Do’ to a poodle?’ and other crazy questions raised from the brilliant @daytimesnaps Twitter

This hilarious account, devoted to the weird world of daytime TV, is like staring into a parallel universe.

If you’ve ever spent a day off slumped on a sofa with absolutely no purpose, pausing only to make a cuppa, you’ve probably been witness to the weird, wonderful world of daytime TV. This is a place where the future of relationships are decided through lie detector tests. Where British people mispronounce the names of exotic dishes and it’s all just a laugh, really. Where Eamonn Holmes still exists.

Nothing better embodies the brilliance of this strange, alternate universe than @daytimesnaps. It’s a Twitter account devoted to posting out of context screengrabs from the nation’s favourite shows. From rude words on Countdown to the extreme lengths This Morning will go to in the name of entertainment, it has everything. And we really mean everything. A discussion on whether you’d marry a poodle? You got it! Someone dressed as a giant Crayon pencil? Sure!

Maybe you’ve had a tooth operation and you’re bed-ridden for a few days. Maybe you’re just a student with a three-year pass to unlimited Jeremy Kyle. But watching daytime TV can be a stagnating experience, where absolutely nothing makes sense. @daytimesnaps captures this perfectly. And because everything on here is posted out of context and carefully curated by writer Nick Walker, it makes bonkers discussions on Loose Women seem even more hilarious than they already are.

It actually goes as far as suggesting we’re in a brave new age for daytime telly. This is the golden age. Just look: we get to see Philip Schofield dress up as an intensive care surgeon at 10am in the morning. Dominic Littlewood chases cowboy builders down the street until they’re weeping wrecks. Louis Spence turns up on Lorraine to perform the splits. We can witness Piers Morgan’s steep decline from US chat show host to permanent pain in the arse on Good Morning Britain. It doesn’t get better than this.

And it also points to a form of television that is so quintessentially British it tips the “Brexit” v. “Not Brexit” scale upside down. Someone serves a scotch egg as part of their four course Come Dine With Me menu. Steve Wright asks if eating sandwich crusts makes you middle class. This is as good as telly gets – rude, non-sensical, sometimes offensive and always unintentionally funny.

More than anything, it makes you want to pull a sickie, sack everything off and put on repeats of The Wright Show for the foreseeable future. So treat @daytimesnaps with caution, or be prepared to devote your life to Jeremy Kyle.