When Six met Eleven: Drake is a bigger ‘Stranger Things’ stan than you

Drizzy met Millie Bobby Brown and did an incredible impression of Eleven

Drake’s Instagram is nothing but #blessed. This is a man who has truly made it, and he wants the world to know about it. Here he is sharing a laugh at a rooftop party. Here he is again, smoking shisha while bowling with friends. “Life is surreal,” he says modestly, in a photo of him holding the match ball before a football game between Manchester City and Manchester United. Yes Drake, you’ve achieved all your dreams, we get it.

But Drizzy’s life just improved tenfold over the weekend, when he met the star of his favourite show, Stranger Things. Backstage before a gig in Brisbane, Australia, he was lucky enough to hang out with Millie Bobby Brown, aka Eleven. They each posted their own Instagram photos from the meet-and-greet, as celebs are obliged to do. Millie’s pic showed Drake going full Stranger Things stan, revealing the biggest, cheek-to-cheek grin in the history of his career. He’s so ridiculously chuffed to be there.

this guy… ❤️

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Drake’s own photo is even more incredible. Standing side by side, they both recreate Eleven’s signature power move – hand out, fingers outstretched, demogorgon be damned. All that’s missing is the nosebleed.

What’s exceptional about this photo is just how serious Drake appears to be about the pose. Millie has done this a thousand times. She’s survived weird labs, monsters, exile and the Upside Down. Getting to perform the pose alongside Drake is obviously hilarious, so she’s smirking. Drake, however… Drake has gone Full Hawkins. He is deadly motivated about replicating Eleven’s superpowers. Deep down, he’s secretly hoping a little bit more concentration might allow him to gain telepathic strength.

Hawkins Very Own

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What a meeting of minds. People are rightfully freaking out.

Dear Duffer brothers, please consider Drake for a cameo in Stranger Things 3.