For an hour, people thought Glastonbury had a new name – and they freaked out

It was all a false alarm, but for 60 terrifying minutes, many thought Glasto was being renamed "The Variety Bazaar"

RIP Glastonbury Festival, long live The Variety Bazaar? For a solid hour, panic stations were ablaze with fears that the world’s most beloved festival was going to be given a new, very unfamiliar name.

Founder Michael Eavis seemed to reveal the change in an interview with Paul Cannon from Glastonbury FM. “I’ve been a risk taker all my life. In 47 years of taking risks, so far touch wood, I haven’t come unstuck. This might be one risk too far, I don’t know,” he said. Surely this couldn’t be.

Thankfully, Emily Eavis came to the rescue, quickly denouncing the change and instead clarifying that The Variety Bazaar would be a completely different event. Glastonbury would always be Glastonbury, remaining in its home of Worthy Farm. Phew.


Needless to say, in the time between Michael’s claim and Emily’s reassuring words, fans were getting in a tizz about the most sacred of festivals being handed a rebrand. Given this is the internet, where the slightest of app redesigns can elicit infinite rage, it was no surprise to see the potential moniker getting off to a shaky start…

It didn’t exactly roll off the tongue

It’ll always be referred to as Glastonbury, even if Eavis decides to call it “Michael’s Massive Sesh”. But this new name wasn’t going to be welcomed with open arms or chanted from mud-stained tents.

Haters saw it as less of a festival name, more a boutique shop, or something completely different

Is it an artisan bakery in Dulwich? A travelling circus? No, it’s the best festival in the world!


Many were quick to claim Eavis was just having a laugh

The ultimate troll? Or did he just get his words mixed up on live radio?

Thankfully, this isn’t the end of Glastonbury as we know it.

Cue a huge sigh of relief.