10 Things We Learned On Friday At Glastonbury

Day one of Glastonbury 2013 has just drawn to a close, and while almost 200,000 people have been living it up, Team NME have been scouring the site to unearth all the hottest news of the day. You can keep up with the day’s news coverage, but here are some of the stranger things we’ve learned from this year’s edition of the Greatest Festival on Earth:

1. On Thursday night, we learned that Michael Eavis actually doesn’t have a bad singing voice. He was doing karaoke and sang his version of Elvis’s ‘Suspicious Minds’ at a packed-out Rabbit Hole tent. The band wore pirate hats, and you can catch a taste of it here.

2. Even Sherlock can be clueless at Glasto. Benedict Cumberbatch looked very lost in the early hours of Friday. At one point he dumped his luggage in the mud and pushed his headphones in. Possibly because everyone was going, “Isn’t that Sherlock?”

3. Jake Bugg really doesn’t suit a bubble machine onstage. Our favourite stony-faced Nottingham troubadour is many admirable things, but bubbly just ain’t one of ’em.

4. Felix Maccabees has a new festival invention. He thinks someone should invent earphones which can tune into any stage at Glastonbury so you can listen to whatever you want. He thinks it will also improve sound quality too. We’re not convinced.

5. Florence loves Haim and Palma Violets.

6. Alex Turner has gone and got himself a curious accent. His onstage banter sounded a bit Sheffield, a bit LA, a bit Elvis and a bit Bruce Forsyth. But cheesier.

7. Yannis is making possibly ill-advised claims that the next Foals album will go in a jungle direction.

8. Deap Vally’s Lindsey Troy and Julie Edwards have never worn wellies before in their lives and say no one in LA even knows what they are.

9. You never know who you’ll bump into backstage.

10. Mick Jagger is getting fully into the Glastonbury spirit. Not only is he on site a night before The Stones’ headlining set, he’s sleeping in a yurt.