10 Things We Learnt At Offset

Let’s face it, by the time September rolls round we’re pretty much festival-ed out. The tent is encrusted in mud, the wellies are long gone after that night when we blacked out at Leeds, and all the cheap supermarket cider deals are over. Then Offset came along a couple of years ago and now we’re ready to dust off our sleeping bags for one last party of the summer each September. Here are the 10 things we learnt at Offset and still remember now – despite all of the gin the Modern Beardsmiths gave us (see Number 10).

1. Good Shoes followed by Art Brut makes for one of the best ‘feel-good’ line ups of the summer

The bands were next to each other on the Main Stage bill on Saturday and made us feel like we were 18 again. Plus Eddie Argos confirmed his status as one of Britain’s quirkiest frontmen.


2. Not many people realise Kate Nash is in The Receeders

The tent was busy but wasn’t packed when Kate Nash played with her punky side project on the ECC Stage on Saturday – suggesting that not many festival punters realised that the singer was in the band. One girl stood near us was told how wrong she was by her mate when she said: “The singer looks a bit like Kate Nash doesn’t she?”


3. Mystery Jets fans really, really like that Count & Sinden song

The band played ‘After Dark’ as part of their Main Stage set and the crowd went crazy. A perfect festival track.

4. Crap celebrity spot of the weekend goes to…

Drum roll… Iain Lee – yeah we had to Google him too. He was camping near us and our friends seem to be bigger fans than we are, i.e. they knew that he was a ‘celebrity’.


5. Egyptian Hip Hop are getting really big

The band packed out the Loud & Quiet tent and loads of fans were stuck outside listening to the gig from there. Main Stage next year then guys?

6. Crowd surfing isn’t just for singers

Monotonix performed their entire set from within the crowd, drums and all. We also learnt that Offset punters don’t mind having a hairy man in his boxers drip sweat on them.

7. Brutality Will Prevail fans can be a bit, well, brutal

If you wanted to check out this band, it was best to go in swinging your fists around like these guys or to stand on the edge of the tent and hope you weren’t punched in the face.

Brutality Will Prevail

8. Being woken up by a cockerel freaks people out

For the festival punters that are more used to being woken up by the sound of sirens in East London than the sound of a cockerel crowing in the nearby petting zoo, this turned into a big hungover talking point on the Sunday morning in Hainult Forest.

9. If there’s something onstage you can climb, Pulled Apart By Horses will climb it

Speaks for itself really. The band put on a chaotic, sweaty and brilliant set once again.

Pulled Apart

10. Bands and beards go really well together

Our favourite festival face painters The Modern Beardsmiths decided to head backstage to make sure there weren’t any chin flashing bands about to go onstage. Here are The Xcerts deciding which style of facial hair they want before their set.