12 Things We Learned On Saturday At Reading & Leeds

As we leave Leeds festival looking like a Hogarthian apocalypse still vibrating from Skrillex’s demented video game blasts and Reading festival after a historic set from Eminem, there are a few things we’ve learned as we reach the end of day two.

1. Simon Neil’s got good advice for his younger self

If the Biffy frontman could go back in time and give his adolescent self a single piece of advice it would be: “Have patience, wee man. You’ll need it. And shave that top lip!”

2. Lauren Mayberry of Cvrches has a rude sense of humour

She’s the pottiest-mouthed member of Chvrches. Last night she shocked bandmate Iain Cook into silence with an array of unprintable penis jokes.

3. Earl’s a secret Pokemon fan

Mr Sweatshirt’s favourite Pokemon is a “fucking charmander”

4. Will Self rawks

Most incongrous guest – dour author Will Self, who’s spotted in the crowd for Bring Me The Horizon. Apparently he’s here with his kids, but we reckon he’s a secret metalhead.

5. Marr tips Violets

Johnny Marr dedicated ‘There Is a Light That Never Goes Out’ to Palma Violets. They told NME they were “made up about it”.

6. Chase And Status, still insanely popular

Who knew?

7. Pigeons everywhere

They say you’re never more than 10m from a rat in central London. Backstage at Leeds you’re never more than 20ft from one of The Pigeon Detectives.

8. Splatstick LOLs

Plastic furniture jumping competitions in the artists’ area are all very amusing until someone breaks a table with a particularly athletic hurdle. At which point, they’re hilarious.

9. Festival etiquette

A man who pisses against a main stage fence is a figure of shame but a man who pisses right in the middle of a main stage crowd is a festival king.

10. Fall Out Boy fans are really passionate

A staffer at the NME Signing Tent had to walk up and down the queue and comfort teenage girls who couldn’t quite cope with the idea of seeing Pete Wentz’s lovely little face.

11. Peace fans dig Nirvana

Items of clothing decorated with the Seattle band’s trademark squiggly yellow face were all the rage at Peace’s Leeds set. Vests, t-shirts, sweatshirts, ponchos.

12. Frank Turner prefers Leeds festival to Reading

He told us so in an interview which you can watch here.