20 Of The Funniest Tweets From Glastonbury

Glastonbury’s new hyper-connectivity has changed the world. Whether in the crowd or on our laptops, we can all share pithy comments about Alex Turner’s curious accent on stage, everyone gets fair warning of Wayne Rooney’s arrival in the backstage area, and most of us have now seen some colourful opinions on how Rita Ora got that Pyramid Stage slot.

Most importantly, it means everyone – in Glastonbury and beyond – can trade zingers about Bobby Gillespie’s pink suit. It’s what civilisation has been building towards for thousands of years and here are 20 of the finest examples across the weekend:

First up, it’s a shame Wiley’s deleted the “fuck the farm” tweet that heralded his swift escape from the festival after he discovered it rains in England, but this’ll do.

Wiley wasn’t the only one to get off to a shaky start.

After all, this weekend could change your life.

Of course, the big draw of the weekend was The Rolling Stones’ Glastonbury debut. The Rolling Stones. You can’t help but treat them with respect.

Oh by the way, it’s no bed of roses being an NME writer at Glastonbury, and don’t you forget it.

Especially if you meet fearsome Tom Odell fans.