5 things Bestival veterans and newbies have to check out at this year’s festival

Everyone needs to go to the Frozen Mole

After 13 years on the Isle of Wight, this year Bestival has flown the nest, moving to the site of its sister festival Camp Bestival: the gorgeous Lulworth Estate in Dorset.

But for all those missing Bestival’s original home, worry not! All of the old favourites will be returning, with some exciting new additions.


“I think what people will love, is that after 13 years they’ll move to a new site and they won’t miss anything. It’s got the ups and downs, hills and valleys, it’s got the lakes and the sea view,” festival founder Rob da Bank told NME. “I’m hoping that, combined with the a lot of people coming for the first time this year, means they’ll find the new site amazing!”

So if whether you’re already a Bestival veteran, or this is your first time, here are 5 things Rob da Bank says you have to check out if you’re a newbie, or return to if you’re a Besti-pro.

Bollywood tent

“This is our beating heart of electronic music, and there are people like David Rodigan (who’s been a resident in there for 6 or 7 years) playing there. It’s not a massive tent, only about 1200 capacity, but it’s always buzzing and it’s the kind of place that everyone seems to start off their evening – and sometimes finish it!”

Ambient forest

“After hours, after the main stage has closed and it’s all getting a bit much on site, people can go to the ambient forest and chill out to an incredible light show, and loads of weirdy-otherworldy stuff happening!”

The frozen mole

“This is an amazing new bar, which bizarrely has got moles that we found in our garden frozen in the ceiling. You heard it right”

Loop spinning raves


“We’ve only done this once at Bestival before – but Loop is spinning to DJs. So you’re on an exercise bike in a great atmosphere, with a great DJ, doing a 45-minute class – so it’s keeping fit while raving! It’s going to look really amazing as well, with a mini Daft Punk pyramid styled stage.”

The Main Stage

“It’s an obvious one, but the main stage. This year it’s called the castle stage, because you’ll be able to see the castle right behind it. I’m really chuffed with the lineup this year… and I can’t wait for the whole shebang to come to life!”