5 Things We Learned At Field Day 2013

Savages – Hosts of the world’s least likely hen party

Things you expect to see at a Savages gig might include lots of black and a lot of stern faces. You don’t expect to see a hen party in full flow, bride to be dressed in a wedding dress with an inflatable penis between her legs. Yet that was what was going down in the packed out tent for Savages mid-afternoon set. What Jehnny Beth and co. would make of it remains to be seen.

Cheerleaders for Solange

Not to say that a lot of people were watching Solange to hear one song, the superlative ‘Losing You’, but the large amounts of chatter throughout every other song certainly suggested as much. The fact that around 7 guys decided to form a human pyramid during her cover of Dirty Projectors ‘Stillness Is The Move’ pretty much proved it. Still, ‘Losing You’, what a song.

Tents top Main Stage for atmosphere

Bat For Lashes tried her best, she dressed like Joseph with a Technicolour dress and cape as well as playing fan favourites like ‘What’s A Girl To Do’ and ‘Laura’ yet the atmosphere in front of the main stage throughout her set was nonexistent. A quick jog across to the Bugged Out tent to see Disclosure revealed that all of the vibes were being harnessed by Disclosure who had their crowd in the palm of their hands, ending their set with ‘Latch’, one of the few genuine chart hits to be found at Field Day.

Field Day is for the family

Four Tet had a big slot on the main stage, performing directly before headliners Animal Collective. Does that mean he spent the day backstage barking demands from his Winnebago? Err, no. Keiran Hebden was spotted pushing a pram around Victoria Park and checking out bands. That’s going to be one cool baby.

TNGHT really know how to put on a festival set

Last year at Field Day Hudson Mohawke caused a road block with people packed into the Bugged Out tent like sardines to catch his solo set. This year he returned with his TNGHT co-star Lunice for what proved to be the most fun set of the whole day. Interspersing their own blockbuster productions with tracks from Rick Ross and Kanye West, the pair had the whole tent jumping to the likes of ‘Acryllic’ and ‘Higher Ground’. Seriously, if you get half a chance make sure you check out TNGHT this Summer.