Twitter Reacts to Foals And Disclosure Headlining Reading and Leeds 2016

Yannis Philippakis’ “childhood dream” was finally realised this morning when Foals were confirmed as joint headliners at this year’s Reading and Leeds Festivals. The Oxford five-piece have been banging on (festival organiser) Melvin Benn’s door for years. Disclosure’s step up to the headline plate is also a significant triumph and proof that their hard slog on the merry go-tour treadmill has finally paid off. More significantly this morning’s announcement was a victory for the little band after so many years of overblown heritage acts diluting the festival circuit. Reaction across social media has thrown up some interesting reactions with many delighted by the news while others were vitriolically damning. Here are some of the best and most bizarre tweets:

The Foals Armada

Foals fans are naturally overjoyed that Yannis’ dream has finally been realised and many see it as a triumph for not only the band but new music.

The Disclosure Glo-Crew

It’s a similar story in camp Disclosure:

Lobbyists For The Little Band

Meanwhile, many were quick to champion and point out how refreshing it was to see younger bands being asked to step up to the headline plate:

The Haters

You’re always gonna get the haters aren’t you? There’s no getting away from them. Some reactions were particularly venomous this year though while others took a more amusing approach: