All Tomorrow’s Parties – Turbo Scrumpy, Chalet Envy, and Talking Gibberish with Santa Cruz

Ok, having made it to work after a five hour drive on two hours sleep after 65 hours of standing in the dark having my innards caressed by Butlins’ finest sound system, I can finally begin to take stock on what the hell happened this weekend.

It was mostly three days of stumbling defenceless around a labyrinth of sound fuelled by turbo scrumpy and more Pizza Hut than any man should have to face. There was a lost afternoon in Oyster Bay chalet 105 with a big box of rice krispie cakes and some huge Hells Angels masquerading as a band. There was the biggest merch area you’ve ever seen. There were numerous people telling me how we should cover their post/prog/punk/noise band on NME.COM and probably too much email swapping. A moonlight meander up the beach at some point perhaps. There was a lot of dancing to !!!.

There were some predictably great performances (Marnie Stern, Sleep, The Mae Shi, Future Of The Left, Errors) and only one real let-down (School Of Seven Bells).

Errors (Pic: Danny North)

There was much gibberish talking with various bands and a fair amount of chalet envy. One pair I did want to talk to following their tripped-out Saturday night set (which included a cover of Fleetwood Mac’s ‘The Chain’) was Santa Cruz’s Sleepy Sun.

Sleepy Sun
(Pic: Danny North)

We sat down at sunset last night and talked about music, art, zip wires and the doors of perception.

Then there was nothing left to do but head inside and bliss out to Spiritualized’s extended set and try not to think about Monday morning…

See you at Christmas ATP.