Arctic Monkeys at T In The Park 2011 – Review

Arctic Monkeys at T In The Park 2011 – full gig report and setlist

Who: Arctic Monkeys

Where and when: Main Stage, Friday

Vibe: Cool as you like. They’re never the most demonstrative onstage, our boys, but from the romping rush of ‘Library Pictures’ on, it never drops. It’s clear from the excitement with which ‘Don’t Sit Down Cause I’ve Moved Your Chair”s cocky twang is met as much as the uproar that greets casually dropped oldies like ‘When The Sun Goes Down’, that the Monkeys have us wrapped round their little fingers.

Best bit: The sheepish rendition of ‘Happy Birthday’ in honour of Jamie Cook. Not sure who was more embarrassed out of him or Alex Turner.

Low point: Alex’s insistence on maintaining that slightly creepy fairground-operator ‘laydeezandgentleman’ song intro style.

Banter: Standard, with aforementioned slightly unsettling vibe.

Verdict: The Monkeys are at the height of their powers, and they know it. But, y’know so do we, so their nonchalance just makes us love ’em even more.

Rating: 8/10

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