ATP 2009 – 5 Reasons To Be Excited – Plus Free MP3s

The second weekend in May means only one thing. It’s time for the nation’s indie hipsters, Pitchfork musos, rucksack bearers, glitch geeks and noise freaks to pack up their booze and bootleg equipment and head to Butlins for three days of worship at the shall we say challenging end of the musical spectrum

There’s a million reasons why they (and me) are losing their minds with excitement over this weekend’s first (and far superior) installment of the annual ATP noisefest. Not only will we get to see the likes of Devo, Jesus Lizard, Spiritualized, Sleep, Grizzly Bear and Andrew W.K. (really) play at a Butlins, but all the bands stay in the same chalets so you get to party with your heroes without dealing with lame layers of VIP-ness and cocksucking mobile phone PRs.

Did I mention it’s at Butlins? Here’s five top reasons to be frothing at the gills over the next three days.

San Franciscans Sleepy Sun, whose set tomorrow night (Saturday) will see me and hundreds of others have our pretty faces melted by a Hades-loud pysch freakout. If you like Comets On Fire, Crystal Antlers or the SS track I gave out a while back download this uncharacteristically laid-back track now and jump on the next train to Minehead.

Download Sleepy Sun‘s Lord here
(Right click and chose ‘save as’ if necessary)

The looks on the Butlins staffers’ faces when they’re clearing up chip cartons and the likes of Fuck Buttons start up. 72 hours of cochlea-raping fuzz coming this way…

Download Andrew Weatherall‘s remix of Sweet Love For Planet Earth here
(Right click and chose ‘save as’ if necessary)

!!!’s dance party returning to these shores, which always means bermuda shorts, gangly-legged dancing and the start of summer.

The fiercely anti-logo, anti-commercial, anti-anything attitude of Future Of The Left and, well, everyone on site.

Download Future Of The Left’s Drink Nike (live) here click and chose ‘save as’ if necessary)

It’s at Butlins!

Check back over the weekend for blog updates, more free MP3s, interviews with the bands and video dispatches from the greatest festival in the world (in May).

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