Bad Boy Chiller Crew show it’s never too early to rave at Glastonbury 2022

Worthy Farm, June 24: Lunchtime set? No problem: Bradford's finest party-starters have done just that on the John Peel Stage

Naturally, Bad Boy Chiller Crew are going big at Glastonbury 2022. But are the trio pacing themselves during their first-ever visit to Worthy Farm? No chance. “OGGY OGGY OGGY!” BBCC MC Clive, gold chain glistening at the top of his Barcelona shirt (which has ‘Shakira 69′ printed on the back, of course), implores the lunchtime ravers. “OY OY OY!” comes the triumphant reply.

The Bradford boys (along with their trusty DJ, producer and balaclava-lover Tactics and their Bez-like rave sergeant Kitchen Steve) are playing three energy-sapping sets at Glastonbury this weekend, and their second performance today (June 24) on the John Peel Stage is a typically rambunctious affair, despite their early on-stage time of 12:45pm.

MCs Kane, Clive and GK certainly know how to whip up a crowd, which appropriately increases in size and elation as the set goes on. NME sees a pair of Year 7-aged brothers excitedly run to the barrier, apprehensive parents in tow, as Tactics kicks things off: to paraphrase Wu-Tang Clan, BBCC is for the children.


Bradford-meets-the Balearics cuts from their February album ‘Disrespectful’, like ‘BMW’, ‘Bikes N Scoobys’ and ‘Footsteps On My Shoes’, are as rapturously received by the lunchtime ravers as the early favourite and inevitably pyro-producing moment ‘450’, while the bouncing ‘Get Out My Head’ pops off and pings all around the cavernous tent.

Bad Boy Chiller Crew
Bad Boy Chiller Crew (Picture: Parri Thomas for NME)

The pace of the performance is unrelenting: lead MC Kane breathlessly leads the vocal assault, Clive joyously returns gun finger salutes to the crowd and Kitchen Steve dishes out BBCC flags to those in the front row (“don’t sell ’em on eBay,” GK says with a wink).

The ‘Everybody’s Free (To Feel Good)’-sampling ‘Free’ and ‘Don’t You Worry About Me’ unite band and crowd all over again as their breezy 45-minute set wraps up. “Glasto, are you with me, are you there?” the boys ask the faithful – but they already know the answer to that one.

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