The best fancy dress we saw at Bestival 2017

At Bestival costume isn’t so much encouraged, but practically obligatory. Each year the festival has a massive theme, and for 2017 it was colour – so the entire crowd was decked out in the brightest garms possible.

Festival organiser Rob da Bank explained the theme to NME before this weekends glitter fuelled party, saying: “Colour is going to come in all sorts of shapes, sizes and colours. It’s such a broad theme – it’s one of those mind-boggling things when you start off and think well that’s a bit simple, it’s yellow or blue. And then you spin off from that, is it the yellow submarine or the blue sea? Is it the orange skies? It’s such a diverse theme that I have no idea what people are going to come as!”

But now we do know what it was like, and these are the best costumes we saw at Bestival 2017.