What Is Bestival’s Fancy Dress Theme This Year?

This year’s Bestival is looking as individual and bonkers as ever, with the announcement of their new theme for 2016: The Future Is Here.

The festival, which takes place September 8-11 on the Isle of Wight, also boasts a pretty future-facing line-up, including the likes of Major Lazer, Hot Chip and Years and Years. In the words of Rob Da Bank, the creator of the festival: “So, here we go again, but this time we’re going far… far away… into the future… and as ever it’s a broad church of music from every decade and every genre.” Nice one, Rob.

Since the festival began in 2004, the focus has been on dressing up – as well as huge tunes. They’ve even had a bash at breaking the world record for the largest group of people in fancy dress at any one event (incidentally, that’s not the only world record they went for. In 2014 they tried, and succeeded, to create the world’s largest disco ball). Since then they’ve tested festival-goers way with a dressing up box with themes such as Freaks Under The Sea, Out Of Space and HMS Bestival. Eclectic much?

If it’s your first time, then Rob Da Bank has offered some advice about how to approach the fancy dress aspect of the festival. “Just be experimental and think outside the box,” he commented. “I think people who haven’t been before might think it’s all about little things from a fancy dress shop, but it’s more about just making it yourself.” With that free spirit and individual approach in mind, we’ve decided to offer up a few outfit suggestions.

Back To The Future 2
We are admittedly almost a year past that fateful day in 2015 when Marty Mcfly found himself in the future, surrounded by hover boards, self-lacing boots and instant pizza. However, this year’s theme is just too perfect an opportunity to dress up in the style of Back To The Future 2. Better get your knee pads and bike helmets ready.

Futuristic cartoon characters
Some of cartoons’ best-loved characters come from a far-off future. Futurama’s beloved Bender and Zoidberg are ambitious but great potential fancy dress ideas. However, if you’re looking for more timely antiheroes, the title characters from Rick and Morty provide simple, effective and identifiable likenesses to imitate.


Garlic bread
Ok, bear with us on this one. Considering many parents’ obsession with dressing up their children in food costumes (Cute? Yes. Weird? Also yes.), this isn’t quite as absurd as it appears on the surface. Think about it – garlic bread is, like, the future. The meshing of bread and garlic together in one crunchy yet soft delicious package is one of science’s greatest innovations, right?

Conan O’Brien – In The Year 2000
For many years on his Late Night show, talk show host Conan O’Brien would attempt to “predict the future” with a multitude of celebrities, as they looked “all the way to the year 2000”, including one memorable skit with Jimmy Fallon. While the bit has now sadly passed, the necklaces worn by O Brien and his guests are classic, and would provide a nice spacey accessory.

Tin foil suit
Easily the most common form of futuristic fancy dress, tinfoil can do wonders to make you look a little bit weird and like a raving conspiracy theorist. So what are you waiting for? Dress up like your favourite Brazilian bank robbers and go crazy!