Bring Me The Horizon’s Guide To The Heavier Bands To See At Reading And Leeds 2015

“We’re super excited to be playing that high up the bill,” says Bring Me The Horizon guitarist Lee Malia. The Sheffield metal quintet are only second to titans Metallica on the Main Stage at Reading & Leeds this year and, as Malia promises, they’re going to be “putting everything into it”. “It’s the first show back since Wembley – apart from the warm-up shows,” he explains, revealing that the band have got some surprises up their sleeves too. “We’ve got some great ideas for it, and we’ve got a cool surprise video planned for before we play. And we’re playing a couple of new songs.”

As the Britain’s current kings of metal, who better to ask for a rundown of the other unmissable acts at the heavier end of the spectrum than BMTH themselves? Malia’s chosen five bands – from the legendary to the lesser known.

Cancer Bats

Lee: “They’re a punk band from Toronto. If you’ve ever gone into a tattoo shop and there’s music on, that’s what they sound like! To someone who hasn’t heard them, I’d say it’s like stoner rock but a bit more upbeat. We used to tour with them a lot and if you like anything heavy, they’re the perfect band to see. Liam [Cormier], the singer, doesn’t drink – he’s high on life and a good person to have on tour. He introduced me to a lot of interesting music, like Bon Iver.”

Modern Life Is War

“They’re a hardcore band from the US playing the Lock Up Stage. I was into Metallica when I was younger and then people showed me hardcore music – they were one of the first bands in hardcore that I thought stood out. They used a lot of melodic chords and stuff and in their music. I’m definitely going to check them out ‘cos I used to love them.”


“We played Soundwave festival with them in 2013. I’d never heard of them and turned up to the stage and they were all dressed as weird monks. They had this whole persona, like they never spoke to anyone and then got straight into their shuttles and left. You never knew who did what in the band, ‘cos they were always dressed up when you saw them, with their identity concealed. I thought it was cool how they had this secretive thing about them. Musically, they’re difficult to describe – it’s like gothic stoner with clean singing.”


“They’re French and play super-heavy, technical metal. They’re one of those bands that even if you’re not into heavy music, it sounds that insane and heavy and tight that it’s impressive whatever. If you’re not massively familiar with heavier bands, if you go and watch them you can appreciate just how technical it is and how good it sounds, even if you have no clue about what you’re watching. They’re like Meshuggah, but heavier and not as crazy.”


“They’re going to be properly amazing. They were the first band I ever got into when I was a kid. I’ve seen them a few times and it’s always good to hear all the classics. You don’t even have to be a fan to appreciate it – they’re for everyone. I saw them at Download in 2006 when they played ‘The Master Of Puppets’ album in full, and again in 2012 when they played ‘The Black Album’. Both times were cool, but I think this time they’ll blow people away because they’re playing the hits – the ones that everybody wants to hear.”

Bring Me The Horizon play Reading on Saturday and Leeds on Sunday