Buddha Bowls, Fish Curry and Mac & Cheese: The Best Things To Eat At Glastonbury 2016

Sure, it’s possible to survive at Glastonbury on three bags of Mini Cheddars and a bottle of banana milkshake and a tub of yogurt every day – or was that just us, c.2008? – but it’s just nicer not to. Since the food options down at Worthy Farm are just so delicious, it’s pretty easy to dine like a very muddy king for the entirety of the festival. Here are some of the best places to fill your face and line your stomachs.

The Goan Seafood Company
There’s nothing like a bit of spice to wake up your tired tastebuds after endless days of boozing. The Goan Seafood Company are Glasto legends, thanks to their utterly amazing fish curry. They also do a great kedgeree if you’re a) up in time for breakfast and b) able to actually stomach anything without coming over all faint.

Wholefood Heaven
Formerly bastions of the ultimate in trashy eating, it’s now possible to go to a festival and be more healthy than you would at home. Wholefood Heaven’s delicious ‘Buddha Bowls’ are a vegan, clean eating delight – and it’s a former winner of the Best Main Dish gong at the British Street Food Awards. A massaman curry with pineapple, potato and soya chunks, it comes covered in seeds, kale and kimchi – and there’s the option of halloumi cheese too.


Voodoo Ray’s

East London pizza parlour Voodoo Ray’s is a relative new kid on the block, but the acid-house referencing foodies have made themselves firm festival favourites with the big pan, New York style pies. Warning, their pizza is addictive. Expect to go back for another slice. And then another one after that.

Anna Mae’s Mac & Cheese

With their massive pans of bubbling mac and cheese, Anna Mae’s are ever lactose tolerant festival goer’s saviour. From the straight-up classic – The Annie Mac – to the super decadent – The Kanye Western, which features beef hot dogs, bbq sauce and crispy onions – there’s a dish for everyone.

The Cheese Truck

And STRETCH! The only morning work out you need… We’re @maltbystreet from now till 4pm. #cheesylikesundaymorning

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If the mac and cheese merely whets your appetite for more gooey hot cheese magic, then your next port of call should be the Cheese Truck. These guys are grilled cheese sandwich masters who mess around with cheddar, stilton and goats cheese to create the perfect festival fodder. They also smother chips in cheese sauce to create their signature Fondue Fries – the filthy lot.


The Green Brownie
Need a sugar hit? Then get to the ethical, fairtrade, organic Green Brownie stall, who baked all their chocolatey goods on site at the festival, out the back of their reclaimed old burger van. Save us a salted caramel one, won’t you?

Dosa Deli

Dosas – a kind of Indian pancake filled with yummy mushed potato and all kinds of other healthy, hearty things – make for the perfect festival food. Dosa Deli also make a mean bhel puri – another great Indian street food snack.

Café Môr
Welsh wonders Café Môr are the travelling outpost of the Pembrokeshire Beach Food Company. Expect lobster, crab, fish and chips and other yummy things recently dragged out of a nearby ocean.

Happy Maki

Forget the fish – Happy Maki make freshly rolled vegan sushi. In practise this means tasty Thai sweet potato rolls, veggie duck and hoisin sauce and loads and loads and loads of avocado.