This Festival Edition Of ‘Where’s Wally’ Will Have You Scratching Your Head For Hours

How would you best sum up the entire festival experience in one picture? A bit of mud? Dodgy portaloos? Amazing music? Well, it’s probably a bit of all three and this brilliant new image which you can see below, perfectly encapsulates the highs and lows of modern festivals.

In an obvious ode to Where’s Wally, the visual riddles of our childhood, South African graphic designer Adam Carnegie has created a rather ace image commissioned by Zalando, featuring all the cliches and acts that dominate the festival circuit.

Your favourite festivals are all in there, Glastonbury (see Adele on what we reckon is The Pyramid Stage), Sziget Festival, Lollapalooza and Melt, as well as some of the circuit’s biggest names including Gorillaz, Deadmau5, Sia, Iggy Pop among others. There’s even tributes to previous festival titans like David Bowie and Prince, Amy Winehouse and Kurt Cobain.

If you fancy a real challenge though, try and spot the ever elusive Daft Punk in the puzzling map. They’re in there, honestly. Clink on the image to make it larger.