Cee Lo Green At Glastonbury 2011 – Review

Who: Cee Lo Green

Where and When: West Holts, Friday

Vibe: Oh Glastonbury, how you love to confuse us with your rumours. This weekend a whole group of journalists ran off towards Wu-Tang Clan’s set to see whether Morrissey really was going to come onstage. Of course he didn’t. But other rumours do turn out to be fact and it has to be said that there were a few sad faces when the spurious claims that Christina Aguilera was coming onstage with Cee Lo Green didn’t turn out to be true. However, a cheerful vibe at the West Holts Stage, and a whole album full of hits under his belt with ‘The Lady Killer’, and CLG managed to pull off a brilliant headline set – even when he was going up against Bono.

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Best bit: ‘Forget You’, of course. Who wouldn’t want to see him belt that one out? The crowd were soaking, windswept and coated in an all-encompassing layer of mud, but everyone was ecstatic.

Low point: His Jedward at Eurovision-style sparkly red costume. He told the audience, “I spent a lot of money on these shoulder pads, do you like them?” Bad investment, we think.

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Banter: “This one goes out to all the sexy ladies.” Smooth Cee Lo, smooth.

Verdict: The Gnarls Barkley man and NME Chart topper had to go up against U2 and Primal Scream in the battle of the Friday night headliners, leaving a lot of people ignoring his presence at Glasto. But Cee Lo still managed to pull in a huge crowd of fans, for his upbeat, singalong set. Plus his exit music was ‘Don’t Stop Believin”. Impressive.

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