Dizzee Rascal At Leeds Festival 2010 – Review

Who: Dizzee Rascal
Where and when: Main stage, Leeds, 6.35pm.


Vibe: A festival pleasing set from the rapper featuring all the hits that the die hard fans and chart appreciators alike wanted. He churned out the likes of ‘Fix Up’, ‘Dance With Me’ and ‘Holiday’ while seeming to thoroughly enjoy the entire set. A feel-good festival moment.

Best bit: When he left the stage and then returned minutes later to play ‘Bonkers’. He told the crowd, “You know I couldn’t leave you like that could I? It’s time to get a little bit bonkers!” What a tease…

Low point: The people who only went to see ‘Bonkers’ and spent the rest of the set talking very, very loudly.

Banter: Dizzee’s warning to the crowd before ‘Fix Up’. The rapper yelled at the crowd, “Leeds Festival 2010 what the fuck’s going on? If you’re soft, get away from the front. It’s time to get a bit heavy, let’s go.”

Verdict: Dizzee knows what he’s doing with a festival crowd and he does it really, really well. The sort of set you and every one of your mates could enjoy at the same time, no matter what the different levels of inebriation involved are.

Rating: 7/10

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