Download Festival – How Was It For You?

The 30th Download festival came to a close yesterday with Aerosmith playing their second UK set in the last decade at Donington. With the sound of Motorhead still bouncing around our bruised ear canals and clothes caked in dirt we struggled into the office today to make sense of it all. This is what we learnt. How was your weekend? Let us know below.

Every band should bring their own stage to a festival
Two words: Big Time. Full review of AC/DC in next week’s mag. Story here.


Dillinger Escape Plan are really, really good
If you like interminably complex jazz metal that is, which we do. Although they did wear shorts.

Metallers aren’t really into football
England’s first 90 minutes of shame was nowhere to be seen on Saturday, except for a few of those VVIP compounds fenced off backstage that no-one of any substance could (or would) venture in, and no-one seemed to care.

‘Don’t you know who I am?’ won’t get you very far
Psssst – which celeb was thrown out of the site for being argumentative and lairy halfway through the festival? None other than faux rock chick Alice Dellal.

Jared Leto is a bit of a pervert
“Hey good looking sister” was his greeting of choice in the backstage compound. Plus, the guy’s a bit vain too. He made photographers shoot from 50 metres away from the stage.


Crass slogans and half-baked marker pen tattoos are this year’s band t-shirt
Josef Fritzl Fan Club, Ass For Cash, Spank If You’re Horny and Hole Patrol were among the more eye-watering examples.

In fact, crude sex sells at Download
The nipple count at Donington put the Daily Sport to shame – breasts were bared throughout AC/DC and Slash’s sets, and Steel Panther went further than most to instigate nudity, calling two girls up on the stage to get it on topless. Rumours circulated that one camera guy was only on ‘boob-watch’.

You should never write cheques with your t-shirt slogan your body can’t cash
Or you might end up like this guy, 4pm on Sunday.


Aerosmith really ought to play the UK more than twice a decade
The first six songs? ‘Love In An Elevator’, ‘Back In The Saddle’, ‘Mama Kin’, ‘Eat The Rich’, ‘Living On The Edge’, ‘What It Takes’. Case closed. In fact, between them, Rage and AC/DC, Download gave us hands down THE best headliners of 2010.

Steel Panther really can’t let go of our 3/10 album review

What did you learn at Download? What were your highlights of the weekend?