Eurosonic Festival – Day Two

We love those Mongrel guys – and after last night’s scenes following their show at Eurosonic I hereby decree that Drew McConnell is the only man in rock allowed to wear sunglasses indoors.



Mongrel’s Drew and Lowkey

Last night (January 16) I saw Errors, James Yuill, The Rakes and Mongrel. You can wait until a week on Wednesday for the full review, but until then here’s what we have learned during the Eurosonic experience:

1. In Holland there’s a QVC-style shopping channel selling sex toys that screens demonstrations before 10pm.

2. The Dutch are rather lazy when it comes to taking down Christmas decorations:


3. Just because you can’t identify whether a take-away item from a street vending machine is meat or vegetable doesn’t mean it won’t fill a hole at 4am.

4. Micachu sings like she’s got a fish hook caught in the left side of her lip with someone tugging on it every time they hear a cool chorus.

5. Twisted Wheel have someone whose job it is to break the seal on their bottled water – months before they release their debut album. OK, he probably does a lot of other important stuff too.

It’s a good idea to make sure you write your name on your bike somewhere here:

Bike park in the main station. Pic: Tim Cochrane

Until next year, then! By which time we’re sure The ‘Wheel will have a chap employed to un-cork their vintage champers.