Fleet Foxes At Glastonbury Festival 2011 – Review

Who: Fleet Foxes

Where and when: Other Stage, Friday

Vibe: The band bring their hirsute folk rock to the wilds of Glasto and, for a while at least, it’s kind of a perfect fit. The Other Stage fills with beardy, acoustic wafts and Mumford & Sons fans (they’re on next) jonesing for a folk fix. It really feels like the “spirit of ’71′” come alive.


Best bit: When they went a cappella and all Crosby, Stills & Nash during a slightly rawer version of ‘Mykonos’. There’s a lilting simplicity on the track which makes a change from their newer, more complex material.

Low point: About three-quarters of the way through there’s a bit of a realisation. That for all their sonic beauty, it’s just some knitwear-clad beards singing about apples and birds. They should have put a donk on it, really.

Banter: Slightly awkward. “Is anyone seeing Pentangle tonight? They’re the BEST!” Cue crowd silence.

Verdict: Beautiful but occasionally you can’t help your mind from wandering.

Rating: 6/10

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