Foo Fighters T In The Park 2011 – Review

Foo Fighters At T In The Park 2011 – full gig report and setlist

Who: Foo Fighters

Where And When: Main Stage, Sunday

Vibe: Plenty of The Rock. And a band in a stupidly confident place. And proof that emotional rock music is more powerful than the weather.

Best bit:
‘Everlong’. Because if anybody can name a song better than ‘Everlong’, I will… well, you don’t really know what I would do. But I would disagree, and it would end ugly.

Low point: The bit where Grohl introduces the band like he’s some kind of Tom Jones figure in Las Vegas, which frankly is of no use to anyone.

“I want you to forget all your drama and your troubles and get lost in this music tonight!”

A mindblowing display. But did we expect anything less?
Rating: 9/10