The funniest tweets from Glastonbury 2017

Glastonbury is all about cutting yourself off from the world. Losing yourself in the moment of the hectic and hedonistic weekend vibes, making new pals within seconds and, of course, the incredible array of non-stop music.

But that’s not to say the world stops for Glastonbury – though it does feel that way at some times. In fact, Twitter keeps going and usually provides a few typically wild gems and observations that will make you laugh whether or not you’re deep in the vibes.

So as the weekend starts coming to a close, it’s a fitting time to round up some of the best and funniest bits we’ve seen so far


This revelation proved that perhaps Liam Gallagher is just as much into Love Island as the rest of us

Corbyn owned Glastonbury and was snapped pulling pints and wheeled out his #ForTheMany hashtag with expert precision

There were people responding to the naysayers of his appearance


Theresa May’s naughtiest confession was immortalised via the medium of flag

And Corbyn and May’s ‘set times’ were compared

We feel ya, kid

This dude who was snapped with his dick out at Foo Fighters. He got a song dedicated to him in the end, so worth it in the end.

Ed Balls was spotted queuing for the showers with fellow Labour politician and partner Yvette Cooper

People were snapped dressing as the infamous Left-Shark from Katy Perry’s Super Bowl set at her show

Fresh from introducing Sleaford Mods, Lord Buckethead got a bit excited for The Jacksons on West Holts. Though not the ones you’re thinking of…