Glasto Celebrates Jacko – Mr Hudson

As Glastonbury reels from the news of Michael Jackson’s death, one of the biggest questions has become: “So what Jacko covers do you think people should do?”

Personally I can’t think of anything worse than the likes of Ting Tings, The View and Golden Silvers rush-rehearsing a hasty cover just because they feel like they should. It would be crass and these songs deserve more. Let Springsteen give us a few bars of ‘The Love You Save’ inbetween ‘Thunder Road’ and ‘Outlaw Pete’, but please, indie bands of the UK, don’t do something you may live to regret.

Nonetheless, how the bands should acknowledge the news has now become number one talking point of the backstage bar. So it was nice to see Mr Hudson (surely soon to lose the prefix ‘Kanye acolyte Mr Hudson’) do it tastefully as he opened the Other Stage today. A little moonwalk and a dedication of ‘There Will Be Tears’.


Here’s what he had to say:

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