Glastonbury 2009 – Your Highs And Lows

And so it’s over for another year. The traffic is crawling out of the site, the sewage-sucking lorries are out in force, and the only people left on site are the crusties, the drug casualties and the deranged.

It was quite a weekend, made memorable by the blazing sunshine (on Saturday at least), the brain-mangling, madly inventive spectacle of Shangri-La and Trash City, and of course the dramatic news of Michael Jackson’s death, which broke while most of the NME team were watching East 17, of all things.

Here are our highs and lows from Glastonbury 2009. Let us know yours by posting a comment below.

Paul Stokes
High: The Blur crowd singing the ‘Tender’ “Oh my baby” refrain while waiting for Blur to return for their encore. It was such a genuine out-pouring of emotion and affection – and incredibly tuneful – that it inspired Damon and co to craft one of those special Glastonbury moments when they returned to the stage. Plus Regina Spektor’s set was touching, Jamie T’s was brilliant mayhem, Kasabian truly came of age, Shangri-la’s Blade Runner alleyway was mind blowing at 3am and Jaffa Cakes for breakfast were ace.
Low: Nigel Tufnell saying bugger all during Spinal Tap’s set. Christopher Guest is one of the world’s funniest men, but there was no good banter, disappointing. Plus there’s a rumour Mick Jones played a secret show and I missed it. Gutted!

Jamie Fullerton
High: Seeing a shirtless Pink Eyes from Fucked Up buying a massive ice cream near the Park Stage.
Low: East 17. Thought it was going to be the most ridiculously, stupidly fun show ever, but it was an earnestly-delivered backing track disaster. Had to leave after four songs because I found out Jacko died anyway.

David Moynihan
High: Florence And The Machine ending their Saturday sunset show on the John Peel stage with ‘You Got The Love’. Everything about it was perfect.
Low: The bit when it was still raining at 11am on Friday, the mud was growing ever worse, I’d had 3 hours sleep and Bjorn Again were playing. Then I met a guy who hadn’t slept at all and who was eating every type of food imaginable heaped on one paper plate. The source of his tasty meal? “The bins,” he told me.

Luke Lewis
High: Little Boots and (the last two songs of) La Roux, plus Friday night up in the Green Fields – ended up bellowing along to ‘Dancing In The Dark’ on a flame-spewing dancefloor at stupid’o’clock.
Low: Getting tired and emotional on Saturday and waking up at 4am realising I was in Tinariwen’s tent – the desert-dwelling band of Tuareg rebels – rather than my own. Fortunately they weren’t in it at the time…

Tim Chester
High: Hi-fiving Brian Harvey and shaking Jimmy McNulty’s hand. Crosby Stills & Nash as the sun went down.
Low: Getting caught in human traffic on the way to Shangri-La, plus the first two conscious hours of each day.

Rob Howard
High: Dancing my tits off to the utter stupidity of Pendulum.
Low: La Roux sounding like she was singing karaoke over a tape recorder. Missing Springsteen’s guest appearance with Gaslight Anthem at the same time added insult to injury.

Leonie Cooper
High: The opening bars of ‘Thunder Road’. Didn’t know whether to cry or dance so did a bit of both.
Low: The dreadful compare doing midget and paedophile jokes in the cabaret tent – put me off my cider, he did.

Alan Woodhouse
High: Meeting McNulty. The Specials, and especially Madness. The singalong for ‘It Must Be Love’ brought a tear to my eye. And I wasn’t even wasted.
Low: The magazine subs cutting me out of the McNulty pic. Even though it was me who asked for it. And Yeah Yeah Yeahs’ sound was AWFUL, and ruined the show.

Matt Wilkinson
High: Ray Davies’ headline set in the Acoustic Tent on Friday night. One new song, 16 classics, ending with the greatest encore/singalong of the weekend (‘Days’, ‘All Day And All Of The Night’, ‘Waterloo Sunset’ and ‘Lola’).
Low: Having to leave Blur during ‘Trimm Trabb’ to go and cover Black
Eyed Peas’ abysmal set. Even the Trousersnake didn’t bother turning up to that one, despite apparently being on site.