Glastonbury 2010 – What We’ve Learnt So Far

We miss U2
Never thought we’d be saying that but there was a Bono-shaped hole on the Pyramid on Friday night and Gorillaz, despite the appearances of Lou Reed, Snoop Dogg and Shaun Ryder and about a million others, failed to really captivate.

Florence is a bit popular
Approximately half of the site’s 177,500 punters (give or take a shitload) were watching her excellently flounce her way through ‘You Got The Love’ on Friday – shame the same can’t be said for Hot Chip or The Flaming Lips later on at the same stage.

Florence at Glasto

Glasto needs more hip hop
Snoop’s mid-afternoon Friday appearance was everything a main stage set should be: big hits (‘Gin And Juice’, ‘Bitch Please’), judicious covers (a Tupac medley), surprise guest (Tinie Tempah for the latter’s ‘Pass Out’) and a fair amount of crowd participation and rhetorical questions (“Who likes smoking weed?”).

Snoop at Glasto

Ellie Goulding doesn’t really have the star factor
She walked past us about seven times before we recognised her, although her buddy Hermione Granger has been turning heads.

Vuvuzelas are the new “bollocks”
I.E. only deployed by nugget-brained Neanderthals and IT workers on their yearly bender.

Carl Barat’s got a sensitive stomach
The poor guy puked over an NME staffer’s shoes at some point during Friday night / Saturday morning.

‘Special Guests’ are always worth seeing
Following Gaga’s fine fire-titties tradition (well, without the fire-titties), Thom Yorke and Jonny Greenwood stepped into the 8.30pm void on the Park Stage’s schedule and it was sublime. A mix of solo stuff and Radiohead stuff stripped back and topped off with ‘Karma Police’ and ‘Street Spirit (Fade Out)’ is all you need to know. Not sure about the tennis headband though.

Thom Yorke at Glasto

What have you learnt at the festival? What were your highlights?