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Well that’s that then, Pulp and Radiohead played secret gigs, U2, Coldplay and Beyonce headlined, Reggie Yates said he “doesn’t have time for Rastamouse” and NME Assistant Reviews Editor Laura Snapes got her leg stuck down a toilet, twice. But how was your Glastonbury experience? Let us know by commenting below.

From Elbow to Miles Kane and Jessie J, our video team trudged through the mud to get some great interviews over the weekend.



We did bite-sized reviews of all the most important acts over the weekend, which you can read here, and for all the latest stories head over to NME.COM/festivals/news. You can see all of our photos from the weekend here and check out our backstage bands and blaggers gallery too.

Gwenyth at Glastonbury

Some of my highlights included Friendly Fires’ impressive hip-swinging on the Other Stage, Coldplay’s headline slot on the Saturday night, walking past Dick of Dick And Dom fame, and watching Biffy Clyro on the Pyramid Stage. You can read my review here, and watch our video interview with James from the band below:

And here’s what some of the NME team thought…

Tom Goodwyn, news reporter:
“The Horrors owning the John Peel Stage and the star jump I performed to avoid tripping over someone who was passed out on the floor at the bottom of the Park Stage.”


Laura Snapes, assistant reviews editor:
“This was my first ever Glastonbury, and I have to be honest – on Friday night I thought it was the worst place on earth. Finishing off the NME daily round-up for the mag, I was stood alone up at the Park Stage, having learned the hard way that my stupid service station Pac-A-Mac wasn’t waterproof, soaked to the bone and watching Crystal Castles whilst a load of coked-up twats tried to make me dance with them. By Saturday though, it was much better – larking about spotting Bono in catering (he had nachos), going looking for gross things with Yuck – until the point when, at some stage in the wee hours en route to Shangri La, I went to the loo, slipped, and got my right leg stuck down the toilet. Yep, you heard right. Luckily no shit was involved – it was mere inches below my dangling leg – but I did manage to fall in twice. Here’s a picture of my bruise.”

Matt Wilkinson, Radar editor:
“Pulp’s Park Stage set was unbelievably good – easily one of the best gigs I’ve ever seen at Glasto – with ‘Something Changed’, ‘Common People’ and ‘This Is Hardcore’ the absolute highlights.”

Priya Elan, assistant editor:
“Pleasantly surprised by Those Dancing Days. Ebullient, charming and oozing with pop energy. And the sun came out for them.”


Krissi Murisson, Editor:
“Pulp on the Park Stage – it was so emotional I cried not once (‘Misshapes’), not twice (‘Live Bed Show’ but three (‘Common People’ obviously) times. And I know for a fact there are other people writing here who did the same but aren’t admitting it.”

Marian Paterson, picture editor:
“Drinking ‘Shambles’ (champagne + red bull + vodka) raving to Toddla T!”


Tim Chester, NME.COM deputy editor:
“Watching 30,000 people watch Pulp from the side of the stage and standing among about thirty people – mostly in tie-die – to watch Nik Turner’s Space Ritual were two particular highlights. Literally no-one cared about the ex-Hawkwind space rock freak, but I didn’t see Beyonce playing on a stage full of alien heads and acid-washed ‘Spirit Of ‘71’ casualties. Other than that, Eels, B B King, Big Boi and Radiohead were big moments for me. Oh and the hours we lost under a firebreathing alien spaceship thing.”


Jamie Fullerton, acting features editor:
“It’s hardly a curveball choice, but Pulp’s set was beyond special. I saw them play a couple of weeks ago at the Isle Of Wight festival to a crowd of Foo Fighters fans waiting for Dave Grohl to snarl around onstage, which killed the comeback buzz somewhat. But this was their real re-arrival, and for an hour and a half I forgot about the fact that I’d essentially been sleeping in quicksand the previous night.”

Dan Martin, writer
“Beyonce doing ‘Irreplaceable’ was the sing-a-long to end all sing-songs. But Sunday generally in finally being able to sit down on the ground was pretty immense.”

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