Glastonbury 2016: Is It Too Late To Say Sorry? NME Heads To Troll Rehab To Find Out

As always, the off-kilter mindwarp that is Shangri La was one of the best places to lose a few hours at Glastonbury 2016. The theme in the wayward after-hours area this year was ‘Media Hell’, which for some reason that probably makes perfect sense to the Shangri La crew meant they had their own Troll Rehabilitation Unit, a place for online trolls to repent for all the nastiness they’ve ever typed.

You know online trolls, they’re the ones who spend all their days sitting in dark rooms with just their keyboards for company, saying bad things to good people and generally making a nusicance of themselves. They like the Daily Mail comments section. They can’t get enough of Twitter. And occasionally they’ll even slide into your DMs just to tell you your hair looks shit.

Though we were slightly concerned, NME was allowed into the trolls’ very own troll box, to talk to them about why they feel it definitely isn’t too late to say sorry. Kim Ca-troll, Solange Trolls and Blu Can-troll open up about some of the horrible things they’ve said in the past. Be warned, some of them are very, very rude. Watch and learn.