Glastonbury 2018: Why there won’t be a festival next year

Prepare for heartbreak

Look, we know that this year’s Glastonbury is barely underway, that the tent pegs are still being hammered into the ground and the first cans are being cracked open – but we’re already looking to next edition of the party. Though we’ve got some bad news…

There’s no Glastonbury in 2018. No Pyramid Stage, no rolling around Worthy Farm, no beaming smile from Michael Eavis as he declares it the best one ever. Here’s why this time next summer we won’t all be on Worthy Farm.

Why is there no Glastonbury in 2018?

Every six years the festival takes what they call “a fallow year”. As the name suggests, the land on which the festival takes place is a working dairy farm, so each year the site needs a drastic renovation to make it festival ready. The organisers confirmed that there would be no festival in 2018 “in order to give the farm, the village and the festival team the traditional year off” to prevent serious damage to the site. The last fallow year was in 2012. The next festival will take place in 2019.

Will it move somewhere else?


There were much publicised plans to move the festival to Longleat Park in Wiltshire, though those plans fell through due to site conditions.

So no, Glastonbury will not be taking place anywhere next year.

Michael and Emily Eavis at Glastonbury
Michael and Emily Eavis at Glastonbury

What about The Variety Bazaar?

We were all pretty confused about The Variety Bazaar – a new event that people believed was to be replacing Glastonbury at a new location. Emily Eavis clarified the situation in an interview with Music Week, “the plan is we’ll do another event in 2021, which will be called The Variety Bazaar, and that will be somewhere else. It’s not going to be an average Glastonbury but it will be [produced by] the team behind Glastonbury. We’re looking at three different sites elsewhere at the moment.”

Is this the last Glastonbury at Worthy Farm?

Again, lots of speculation about this for the last year as the Eavis’ struggled to reach a satisfactory deal with all 22 of the landowners who contribute to the Glastonbury site. However Emily Eavis confirmed that the festival will be back on Worthy Farm from 2019 for the foreseeable future.