A Couple Got Engaged At Glastonbury And Immediately Dropped The Ring In The Mud

Imagine being at a festival with the person you love more than anything or anyone else in the world and them asking you to marry them during an undeniably romantic song. You say yes, obviously, and happily go to put the sparkling engagement ring they’ve just handed you on your finger.

Then, disaster: you drop that very expensive piece of jewellery deep into the swampy mess that’s beneath your feet. Of course, you’re going to immediately drop to your knees and claw at the bog until you retrieve it, with no care for the amount of mud that’s oozing under your fingernails.

Sounds like a nightmare, right? Except for one couple it was very much reality yesterday. While watching Madness play ‘It Must Be Love’, one loved-up man asked his girlfriend to be his wife. “She said yes and then dropped it in the mud,” he wrote on Facebook.

Luckily, they found the ring and he posted a photo of his new fiancée’s hand, very muddy ring firmly lodged on her ring finger. Moral of the story: love will always win, even in the middle of a very dirty, very disgusting festival field. Double congratulations are definitely in order – first, for getting engaged in the first place and second for making sure this story had a happy ending.