Glastonbury Festival 2011 Rumours – Which Ones Should You Believe?

So Glastonbury Festival 2011 is underway, and the time for Beyonce, U2 and Coldplay to headline the Pyramid Stage is nigh. But we knew about these performances ages ago – it’s old news.

That is, now that there are all these rumours floating about regarding secret/surprise/guest/comeback appearances. Here’s what we’ve heard might happen down on Worthy Farm.

Radiohead are playing Park Stage tonight
Well, this one started as a rumour, but we can now safely confirm that they will, indeed, be playing at Glasto tonight on The Park stage. So if you’re at the festival, get ready to hear some ‘Karma Police’ – maybe you’ll even get to see some of Thom’s sweet dance moves.

Arctic Monkeys might also be playing Park Stage
With the recent onslaught of Monkeys mania surrounding the Sheffield band’s comeback, it’s pretty possible this one’s true. Maybe one more warm up show for their busy festival season?

Prince might play a secret set
This one probably won’t happen. He’s only got one UK festival appearance lined up (Hop Farm in July), and it’s not really his style to fill up his schedule with festival slots. But hey, we could be wrong. Maybe a little bit of purple rain will visit Glasto this year?

Destiny’s Child to reform during Beyonce’s set
Before Beyonce went all solo Sasha Fierce on us, she was one-third of Destiny’s Child. Might we get to see a reunion between Beyonce, Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams? It’s not likely, but we sure as hell hope so!

Which rumours have you heard?

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