Glastonbury Festival Advice For Rastamouse? Hide Your Drugs!

It’s obviously the only set anyone really wants to see at Glastonbury this weekend: Rastamouse in the Kidz Field.

Yes, the loveable rodent/appalling racial stereotype will no doubt be one of the talking points of the weekend. But it’s the little guy’s first Glastonbury, so he’ll no doubt be feeling nervous. We asked a few bands to dole out festival survival tips.

Brother’s advice? “Hide your drugs!”

We actually did an interview with “Rastamouse” ahead of the festival kicking off. It’s not very funny, to be honest, but here it is anyway.

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What are your thoughts on U2 headlining?
Mi tink dat when dem guys are playin’, it gonna be a ‘Beautiful Day’, fi sure.

What have you got in store for your own show?
Mi cyant tell ya wha gwaan cos mi an’ Da Easy Crew wanna keep it as a surprise. . . But mi can tell ya dere’s gonna be nuff, nuff, phat riddim an’ irie vibes.

Are you nervous about playing live for the first time?
Mi nah worry miself bout dat cos when Da Easy Crew in da groove da people dem gonna moove . . . true dat.

What will be on your setlist?
Let’s jus’ say mi tink ya defintely gonna wanna dance an’ sing an’ shake ya ting . . .

Are you going to ask Lee Scratch Perry for a reggae-tastic collab?
Fi real mi would love dat . . . mi tinkin’ a Police an’ Teefs remix would be sweet.

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Liam Gallagher said he’d never come to Glasto again. He said: “It’s like Bond Street with mud.” Thoughts on that?
Mi never been to Glasto before so mi cyant comment on dat but mi sure dere’s gonna be some irie bands playin’ . . . an’ mi kinda wish Liam was gonna be playin’ too.

What will the biggest Glasto moment be this year?
Da biggest moment fi us is gonna be gettin’ on dat stage for da first time an’ rockin’ out Da Easy Crew soundz in da Glasto sunshine!

Have you ever been to Glastonbury before? What’s your best memory, if so?
It’s Da Easy Crew’s debut at Glasto dis year so ya know we gonna nice up da place proper an’ blast some crucial choons . . . irie man!

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