Glastonbury Line-Up – Who Are You Most Looking Forward To?

Everyone seems pretty happy with the line-up for Glastonbury 2010, not least because it provides some attractive alternatives to the headliners.

On Friday night, for example: not a U2 fan? There’s always The Flaming Lips in the next field (hey, the plastic bubble stunt is still entertaining, even if you’ve seen it roughly 84 times already).

And if Muse’s end-of-the-world warbling makes you lose the will to live on the Saturday night, you’ve also got Pet Shop Boys on the Other Stage, and Jamie T out in the wilds of the John Peel tent.

Clearly the stop-and-chat highlight this year will be Snoop Dogg. By which I mean, every time you bump into someone you know on the Thursday/Friday, you’ll chatter excitedly about how you’re looking forward to his set… and then you’ll get there and realise you don’t really know that many of his songs, and there’s an awkward moment after 10 minutes when you look at each other and think, Hmm, are we really going to watch another hour of this? He’s already done ‘Gin And Juice’ – shall we go to the bar?

But there’s loads to look forward to. Which act are you most excited about? Apart from Jack Johnson, obviously.