Glastonbury Stars Play The Vuvuzela Horn. Arf!

It’s the instrument that’s plagued the World Cup so far, drowning out match commentary and numbing minds with its incessant drone. But surely the world’s most cutting-edge and revered musicians could put one to good use?

At Glastonbury, as a nation held its breadth on the eve of the England versus Germany game (pausing that breath-holding only to – you guessed it – blow into a vuvuzela horn) we challenged our favourite bands to show us their best honk on the plastic devil-trumpet.

Please note: There’s so much vuvuzela on the new Kele solo album that he politely declined, having spent the past 3 months in a studio listening to looped vuvu-parps. Which is fair enough.

Please also note: A vuvu-parp is a technical term for the sound a vuvuzela makes.

Final note: There’s no vuvuzela on the Kele album really. He, like us, just hates the bloody things.