Glastonbury – The Top 10 Funniest Tweets

Bad weather, Bono, Zane Lowe. Seriously, this year’s Glastonbury was full of comedy potential. We took a look at Twitter and made list of our favourite funniest 140 character moments.



Grace Dent during Beyoncé’s performance.

2) Have Chemical Brothers actually played every Glastonbury since 1993, or does it just feel like they have?

Simon Price on the dance duo’s Worthy Farm ubiquity.

3) For the record, Zane Lowe f*****in loves Beyoncé. I’ve seen him rock doubles of “crazy in love” (good) & do the “single ladies” dance (bad)

Mark Ronson on the Zane Lowe/ BBC controversy.

4) The backstage area of Glastonbury now has a “Perrier Jouet delivery service” to your Winnebago, £120 *drinks supermarket brandy from flask*

Caitlin Moran on the hospitality area.

5) Pretended I was at Glastonbury last night, covered myself in mud and and threw piss around my living room while watching Coldplay.

Dom Joly on virtual Glasto.

6) Steve is someone she met at Nandos. She’s gone mental.

Grace Dent on Beyonce’s birthday shout out.

7) Bono + electrical equipment + rain. Science – don’t fail me now.

Literally Jamie on Bono.

8) Noah & The Whale suck shit from a dead dog’s arse. Dear The Upper Classes, haven’t you got some bits of the Welfare State to be destroying?

Simon Price is not a fan of Noah & The Whale.


9) Amazing comment on Sky News website story about the guy that died at Glasto: ‘This is sad, but having a VIP area at Glastonbury is sad too’.

Alexis Petridis on the media’s coverage of Christopher Shale’s death

10) Ah, the unique feeling that is packing for Glastonbury as lightening cracks around your house.

Caitlin Moran on the weather

What’s your favourite Twitter Glasto funny? Let us know below.