10 of the best new artists you can’t afford to miss at The Great Escape 2018

Some of the best new talent in the world will be by the seaside this weekend

It’s nearly time for music’s future stars to decamp by the beach in Brighton once again and turn the seaside city into a mecca for great new sounds. The Great Escape takes place this weekend (May 17-19) and there’s an overwhelming amount of exciting talent for you to discover on this year’s line-up. Not sure who are the must-sees? Let us be your guide.


Who: Brooklyn post-punks with their tongues in their cheeks and tunes that distill modern life and society’s reliance on technology into something sexy and danceable.
Best track: ‘Jack In Titanic’
Where: Green Door Store, 8:15pm, May 17 / The Haunt, 11:30pm, May 18

Cosmic Strip


Who: Dreamy psych-pop from London-based Camella Agabalyan and friends that both packs a punch and makes you swoon.
Best track: ‘Echo Chamber’
Where: Jubilee Square, 1pm, May 18

Denzel Himself

Who: One of the most inventive rising stars on the UK hip-hop scene, bringing together lyrical wordplay, punk spirit, and an unflinching honesty.
Best track: ‘Thrasher’
Where: Dr Martens Stage, 3:30pm, May 17 / Komedia Studio Bar, 9:15pm, May 17 / Beach House, 1:50pm, May 18


Who: Glaswegian Lucia Fairfull makes timeless indie that sounds like it’s been put through a hazy filter and come out all the better for it.
Best track: ‘Melted Ice Cream’
Where: Horatios, 2:30pm, May 17 / Patterns, 7:15pm, May 17

Ms Banks


Who: Nicki Minaj-approved south Londoner who’s all about female empowerment and writer of some of the smartest lyrics in rap right now.
Best track: ‘Bangs’
Where: East Wing (Brighton Centre), 10:15pm, May 17

Rina Sawayama

Who: Slick digi-pop from a true modern pop star in waiting, and an incredibly enthralling live performer to boot.
Best track: ‘Ordinary Superstar’
Where: Coalition, 9:15pm, May 17 / Wagner Hall, 8pm, May 18

Sassy 009

Who: Three Norwegian friends mashing up house beats, sweet vocals, and, er, flute solos to make some of the most intriguing dance music around.
Best track: ‘Pretty Baby’
Where: Coalition, 10:15pm, May 17 / Komedia, 11:45pm, May 18

Snail Mail

Who: Baltimore teenager Lindsey Jordan – indie-rock’s next great hope who’s on the cusp of big things.
Best track: ‘Pristine’
Where: Beach Club, 6:30pm, May 17


Who: London teenagers who manage to make grungy riffs sound like a fresh revelation via constantly twisting tracks and a refusal to let things get predictable.
Best track: ‘2 Down 2 Dance’
Where: Coalition, 6:15pm, May 17 / The Haunt, 12:30am, May 18


Who: Sugary indie-pop trio from Limerick who’ve already been given the ultimate in Irish backing – an invite from The Pogues’ Shane McGowan to entertain him at his 60th birthday party. If they’re good enough for him…
Best track: ‘Actor’
Where: The Haunt, 6:30pm, May 17

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