5 Reasons why Halsey should be your new festival hero

She can dance in Wellies better than you

Yesterday saw the American singer and all round blue haired badass, Halsey, play Roskilde, her final festival date on her European tour. Naturally, NME was there to soak it all up and sing along the words to that Chainsmokers song everyone pretends to hate. “This is my last festival after a couple of weeks of them, so I’m trying to knock this one out with a fucking bang, ok?” she said to the crowd. In her own words, Halsey knows how to put on a show. So here’s what happened during her Roskilde performance, and why she should be your new festival hero.

1. She can dance in wellies

Halsey’s little ankle boot Hunters were a bit suspiciously clean, but the audience appreciated the mark of solidarity Halsey showed by donning Wellington boots at the mud-soaked Roskilde. What was more impressive though was her ability to properly get down on stage whilst wearing them. Most festival goers are accustomed to the ‘boot sway’, where you get stuck in the mud in your heavy wellies and just sort of lean from side to side, but with skips and hair flips, Halsey definitely one-upped the festival dance game.

2. She puts her backdrop to good use


Concert backdrops can be pointless, especially when the tight schedules at festivals prevent anything too elaborate. Not Halsey’s! She used hers to project a large rainbow flag in support of Pride Month, with the words “Send Love” overlayed. Roskilde is now sending love out to everywhere in the world.


3. Her song topics are relatable AF

A lot of pop singers like to give their audience the lowdown on the meaning behind some of their biggest tracks before launching in. With Halsey, this is a bit like being tagged in a relatable meme by a friend that has some relevance to the whatsapp conversation you had two days ago. “This is a song about a bunch of relationships that I messed up,” and “This is a song about being really good at fucking.” (obviously the relatability of this one is all subjective).

4. She is queen of the smoke machine

Some artists save the smoke machine for the encore or the big hitters, but with Halsey, you’re never more than two verses away from a huge ploom from the fog jets lining the front of the stage, which definitely helps when you have a lot of beat drops that need constant impact. Also she sent out a lot of black and white inflatable balls into the audience. Take that, Coldplay!


5. She understands the festival struggle.

Halsey was performing on Saturday, the final day of Roskilde Festival. Although she was putting up a good fight, she has been touring festivals for a couple of weeks now and let’s face it, they’re not exactly good for your general well being. “How many of you have been at Roskilde for a couple of days now?” she asks the crowd. “Are you dirty? Are you tired? Are you a little drunk? Yeah I’m all of those things too so I’m glad we’re in this together.” Me too, H. Me too.