How Can I Vote If I’m At Glastonbury For The EU Referendum?

So you’ve gone and bagged yourself a ticket to Glastonbury?! Lucky you. But remember, while you’re brushing your teeth with cider and pushing the boundaries of personal hygiene, the real world goes on outside the limits of Worthy Farm. And this year, something pretty important is happening.

On June 23, the UK will vote in a referendum to determine whether to remain a part of the EU. That’s the Thursday of Glastonbury festival, by which point the vast majority of festival-goers have arrived on site.

Glastonbury organisers have already confirmed that there won’t be a polling booth on site, so if you want to take part in the vote, you need to get organised. Here’s how you can party on the farm and still vote in the EU referendum on June 23.

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First, register to vote

The cut-off for making sure you’re on the electoral register is June 7. There are a few requirements though, so you’re gonna need your National Insurance number, passport and more general details about your address and age.

If you’re not registered yet, or you can’t remember if you are, head to this site to find more details.

Apply for a postal vote…

You can vote in the EU referendum by post. First, you need to register to vote via this service before 5pm on June 8. If you’re in Northern Ireland, the deadline is 5pm on June 3. The application has to be received at your local authority before this time, so best to sort it out as far in advance as you can. Find out more about how to register for a postal vote here.

Once you’ve got your form – which will probably arrive in the week leading up to the vote – you will have to make sure your form is received by 10pm on polling day, June 23. But if you send your postal vote before you leave for Glastonbury, you’ll be fine. You cannot send it from the Glastonbury site, so make sure you do it in plenty time before the date.

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…Or apply for a proxy vote

Alternatively, you can vote via a proxy. This means that you can nominate someone to vote on your behalf on polling day. Obviously, you need to pick someone you can trust that will execute your vote as you wish.

Your proxy must meet a few requirements: they must be registered to vote, be 18 years old (16 in Scotland) and they cannot be registered for more than two proxies.

The date to register for this is slightly later than a postal vote: before 5pm on June 15. Northern Ireland is again earlier, so you’ll need to be sorted before 5pm on June 3. Find more details about voting via proxy and register for it here.

They key is organisation, get it sorted before the deadline, then you can go join in the big old party down on the farm.

And remember – you can’t moan about the outcome if you don’t vote.