How Katy Perry Stole The Show At V Festival

V Festival has long been, shall we say, one of the more commercial festivals out there. As such its line-up has tended to veer towards the more chart friendly end of the musical spectrum, hence a massive lady-shaped pop presence.

Last year Girls Aloud and Sugababes shook their respective things, and this year the list is even bigger with the likes of Pixie Lott, Natalie Imbruglia, VV Brown, The Saturdays, Lily Allen, Lady GaGa, Alesha Dixon and Katy Perry proving their festival mettle. But do such acts really have a place in the various fields of dreams we’ve found ourselves in over the summer?

Too bloody right they do, not least because you can only see so many grubby looking band blokes in their boring jeans, boring jackets, boring shades and boring shoes before an overwhelming sense of ‘meh’ starts to trickle through your whole being.

Katy Perry, who has just pranced, skipped and shimmied her way through a camp-tastic set on the 4Music Stage here at the Chelmsford site is a case in point.

With pink flamingos, a giant love heart, simply fabulous hair and a pair of awesome spangly hotpants, the kind of which we doubt you’d ever see the chaps from Snow Patrol rocking, the whole spectacle is infinitely more entertaining than a bunch of banter-free boys shuffling about behind their guitars and bemoaning the fact that they’ll never get a girl as good as Katy, or Alesha, or VV.

And if we ain’t here to be entertained, what exactly are we here for?