How To Get Free Wi-Fi At Glastonbury 2017

Worried about using up all your data at Glastonbury? Well, that’s a legitimate concern – the next one being how quickly your phone runs out of juice – but thanks to a new initiative by a certain tech company, you’ll be able to get Wi-Fi via a 4G hotspot hidden in… hedges.

Where can I get free Wi-Fi at Glastonbury?

As you’ll remember, last year EE placed a set of little hedge-shaped structures which hosted a pretty decent Wi-Fi signal across the site all weekend long.

They’ll be back this year, and will be providing free 4GEE Wi-Fi to all Glastonbury goers. You don’t have to be an EE customer to log onto them either – they’re available to be used by any punter, regardless of what network you’re on.


The same goes for their 4GEE data, which EE reckon will be covering up to 92% of the site – though usage of that will count towards what existing deal you have with a mobile phone provider. They’ve sorted this out by erecting the very first permanent phone mast on the site.

An EE spokesman said: “To cope with this growing demand, EE continues to increase the capacity of the network on site. This year, we expect to see up to 40 terabytes of data shared across its 4G network from 21-25 June, an increase of 33 per cent on 2016.”

40 terabytes of data equates to 400 million selfies, in case you were wondering – so snap away.