Hurts At V Festival 2011 – Review

Who: Hurts

Where: Saturday, The Arena Stage

Vibe: Burdened with the fear of Hurts being un-cool, folks initially kept their distance from The Arena Stage, but, as Theo Hutchcraft and Adam Anderson built their epic opener ‘Silver Lining’, passers by quickly filled the empty space. Everything about Hurts screams over the top 80’s throwbacks, but on deeper inspection they’re nothing short of genius. Theo’s noir-chic performance climaxed on the closing song ‘Evelyn’, drenched in clichés and riddled with colossal passion ‘Stay with me Evelyn; Don’t leave me with the medicine.’

Best bit: Two scantily clad gothic dancers joined the duo for ‘Wonderful Life’, mirroring the dance at their performance for the NME Awards 2011.

Low point: Our cheese acceptance levels were really tested when Theo threw white roses into the crowd, while Adam rocked silently, clasped handed, at the piano.

Banter: Theo Hutchcraft seeking out his home folk: “Anyone from Manchester here?” Huge cheer from the crowd “Not many then.” Oh, he does jest.

Verdict: As a previous doubter of Hurts’ worth, it’s been proven the remedy is their incredible live performance. For those passers by that popped in to settle their intrigue, we imagine it was one of those festival moments, discovering something a little out of the comfort zone that will soon become an obsession.

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