Jack Whitehall Is Doing Glastonbury All Wrong

The weather has made this year’s Glastonbury tough at times, even for hardened vets. D’you know, who’s definitely not a hardened vet, though? Jack Whitehall.

But everyone’s favourite posh boy fancied his chances at Worthy Farm despite the immense levels of 2016 sludge and judging by the look of this, he handled it perfectly.

First of all, the footsies. Over the boots. The perfectly-dry boots. Where is this magical spot in Glastonbury without any people? Or any mud?

Which brings us to the climax of this cluster-fuck of a tweet. The football. England didn’t even play today. But then again, if I could find a little patch of land at Glastonbury for ten minutes with no people, no mud, and a comfy seat on the floor, even if I had to watch football in repayment, I’d be there like a shot. So fair play, Jack. Fair play.