Kasabian, Kings of Leon, Arcade fire and more: the story of INmusic 2017 in pictures

To Zagreb, Croatia, to relive the greatest fun times of INmusic festival 2017, which boasted massive bands and a deeply 'grammable setting.

Held beside the gloriously peaceful Lake Jarun, the three-day event was an enormous knees-up that became, by turns, rowdy, mellow, packed with “oosh” and even a little bit political. INmusic 2017, here are your best bits.

The Tesla Tower looked fit as fuck/a bit suggestive

This replica of the Tesla Tower, the wireless transmission station created in 20th Century New York by Nikola Tesla, whom David Bowie played in The Prestige, is the centrepiece of the site. Dang, it’s purdy, and looks only a little phallic.

The outdoor beds were comfortable if, at times, sodden

Festival life getting a bit much for you? You could take the weight off on one of these beds, which were dotted around the site. It rained heavily on day three, but who can say they haven’t awoken in a soggy state after a heavy night at a festival?

Michael Kiwanuka chillaxed on the OTP World Stage

The London soul star brought an easygoing atmosphere to the festival’s second stage, performing tracks such ‘Black Man In A White World’ and ‘The Final Frame’. At one point he promised to “mellow it out” further still with the gentle ‘I’m Getting Ready’, to which we said: “No, Michael! For we are mellow enough! If we become any more mellow our limbs will become permanently floppy and we will never again be able to press the ‘play’ on your lush neo-soul records.”


Arcade Fire did not chillax on the Main Stage

The Montreal multi-instrumentalists delivered a truly astonishing headline set that spanned their four albums and included new material from the upcoming LP ‘Everything Now’. Win Butler had a pop at Donald Trump and paid tribute to David Bowie. As you were.

Régine, somehow, rocked the keytar look

Has anyone ever looked badass while playing a keytar? The answer was no, until Régine Chassagne got on the case at INmusic 2017.

Will Butler is the world’s best dancer

He pirouetted around the stage, at one point straddled two synths during ‘Sprawl II (Mountains Beyond Mountains)’ and just looked to be having the most fun ever. Hats off to you, Will Butler.

The karaoke tent BANGS at INmusic festival

Just FYI the karaoke tent at INmusic is legit the lolziest place to hear massively, massively pissed Croatians bellow through the hits of ABBA and Oasis with reckless abandon.


Motivational song lyrics (Pink Floyd, here) were dotted around the site

u ok hun?

Everyone seemed to be excited about Alt-J

This person made the band’s symbol with their hands, like an extremely gentle alternative to the devil’s horns. Careful now.

And their set was a little shamanistic

Monk-like chants, totemic poles that lit up different colours, an intense meditative air: all present and correct during Alt-J’s Main Stage set, which included the likes of ‘Tesselate’ and ‘In Cold Blood’. We’d say it was a religious experience but let’s not get carried away.

Poor old Gus

Synth player Gus Unger-Hamilton appears to be in some kind of monk prison here. #prayforgus.


Kings Of Leon brought bangers aplenty to the Main Stage

The set leant heavily on newer material, but Nashville’s finest still found time for golden oldies such as ‘On Call’, ‘Knocked Up’ and ‘Fans’. In other news, bassist Jared Followill has dyed his hair bleach blonde and now looks like Jamie Laing from Made In Chelsea.

The people in the cheap seats were loving it

A heartwarming moment: as the opening strains of ‘Sex On Fire’ rang out through the site, there was an audible roar from the cheeky monkeys enjoying the show from the other side of the lake to avoid paying an entry fee.

Caleb looked a bit like a sexy IT manager

He’s on call to beeeeee there (for all your technological queries).

Big rocks and Talking Heads lyrics = good vibes

If these guys had looked into the future, they could have avoided wearing the same outfit.

Orchestra Baobab also brought the good times

Yes, the blazing heat gave way to bouncing rain and grey skies on day three, but you’d never notice as Afro-Cuban collective Orchestra Baobab rolled out sunny dance tune upon sunny dance tune.

Flogging Molly gave the Main Stage a right big knees-up

The Irish-American Celtic punks inspired punters to dance an Irish jig as they played the likes of rambunctious likes of ‘Float’ and ‘Saints & Sinners’. It was a bit like that scene from Titanic, but ultimately less tragic.

Serbian alt-rockers Repetitor drew a massive crowd

The crowd sprawled to the edges of the OTP world stage, while the band sounded the best bits of Arcade Fire and Kings of Leon. Imagine how chuffed they were with the line-up at INmusic 2017!

Slaves put on a bit of a variety show

The Kent punks were in a playful mood, with drummer Isaac Holman reciting the opening lines of songs like poetry and telling a deeply strange – and, dare we say it – dubious anecdote about the time a dog criticised the band for not having a bassist.

And it all got a tad political

Somewhat improbably, the audience punctuated the set by chanting the name of Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn to the tune of ‘Seven Nation Army’ by the White Stripes, now a popular pastime in the UK. Laurie commented: “That shows that man’s power. We’re in Croatia and you understand. We hate our Prime Minister. And we love Europe. Can we stay?”

Soon it was oosh-o’clock on the Main Stage

The moment we had been waiting for. Leicester lads Kasabian gave it their all as they closed the festival on the Main Stage, opening with new track ‘King For A Day’, before gifting INmusic with favourites such as ‘Underdog’, Eez-eh’, ‘Club Foot’ (“Ooosh!”) and ‘Vlad The Impaler’.

Tom and Serge’s bromance was a wonderful thing to behold

At one point, they subtly fist-bumped before tearing into ‘Switchblade Smiles’. God bless those acid lads.

It was all love on the Main Stage

This heart blossomed across the back of the stage as the band played ‘You’re In Love With A Psycho’, which drew a dreamy singalong from the crowd.

Yes, INmusic festval 2017 was intensely ‘grammable

It was particularly fun to take a picture of someone sitting in the final letter of this sculpture and caption it: “GET IN THE C.” Hello? Is this thing on?

All in all, it was a right bloody laugh

Great bands, a pretty lake, massive karaoke times, a weird tower that admittedly looked a bit like a bellend: INmusic had everything you could want from a freewheeling Eurofest. See you in the C next year (it’s going to catch on).