5 times Brandon Flowers was The Man at The Killers’ Hyde Park party

Their first show on these shores in three years

Brandon Flowers is ‘The Man’. Well, that’s what he reckons anyway, as demonstrated in the steamy video for The Killers comeback single of the same name. It’s tongue-in-cheek, sure, but as the Las Vegas legends continue on their comeback stretch – Flowers is continuing to advocate his case as one of the essential frontmen of our generation. And if you thought that would all stop as they descended on Hyde Park in London for British Summer Time, boy, you are sorely mistaken. Here’s just five of the many times Flowers backed his boast at the massive show.

Opening with ‘The Man’

If anyone is well primed to get Hyde Park writhing and grooving, it’s Flowers. Opening with the new song, Flowers crooned and participated in some faux-bravado as he slinked around the stage in his pink jacket and the matching stream of confetti.

But knew when to ditch the pink leather jacket


The jacket didn’t last long though, after powering through ‘Hot Fuss’ cuts ‘Smile Like You Mean It’ and ‘Somebody Told Me’, they dipped into their second album ‘Sam’s Town’ for a handful of underrated gems. Before they kicked off, Flowers made a point of taking off his pink jacket and swapping it for a black one saying, “the man who sings ‘This River Is Wild’ does not wear a pink leather jacket.”

The Killers at Hyde Park
The Killers at Hyde Park

Playing iconic songs in all their wonderful ways

The writhing display lead by Flowers was tempered for a brief moment, as he quickly retreated to the piano to sneak in a quick piano-led verse from ‘Human’ before ‘Bling (Confessions of a King)’, and then revisiting the song in all its glory moments later. Proof of a singer, and a band, truly able to flip the script and make everything work.

Leading London on an unbeatable singalong

If you ever seen The Killers before, you’ll know just how many hits they have lying around – but none can really match up to ‘Hot Fuss’ epic ‘All These Things That I’ve Done’, the gospel-featuring and soaring wonder. As the show came to a close, Flowers notched it up a gear as he conducted Hyde Park through a majestic main-set closer.


Calling out every other band this summer


Flowers kept chatter to a minimum during the show, but saved his greatest quip until the very end. Asking for the BST Hyde Park line up poster on the screens, Flowers & co. subtlety called out every other act playing the week-long festival – Kings of Leon, Justin Bieber, Green Day – taking pride in being the only band to sell out the festival, and thanking the London faithful for doing so. A power play for the ages.

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