Labour MP Tom Watson Had Fun In The Mud At Glastonbury While His Party’s Falling Apart At Home

The results of the EU referendum has cast a rather sombre mood over much of the UK, and this year’s Glastonbury is no different. With a recent poll finding that 83% of festival-goers were in favour of remaining in the European Union, the main buzzkill of this year’s fest has not been the boot-sinking amounts of mud but thoughts of what’s in store for the UK post Brexit.

But has Labour MP and Drenge mega-fan Tom Watson let the gloom tarnish his annual Glasto pilgrimage? Hell no. Has he been thinking about the future of the NHS, the youth of tomorrow or the rights of minorities? Nah, he’s been trudging through some manure and posting selfies of himself at a silent disco. Meanwhile his party has descended into chaos, as the right and centre of Labour attempt to oust their most popular leader in decades. You can almost imagine him screening Corbyn’s calls and turning off the ‘Read’ function on WhatsApp.

The latest is that after days of ‘aving it to Tom Robinson DJ sets, Watson’s finally on his way back to London to resume his role as Deputy Leader of the Opposition. How many missed calls do you think he has? Our guess is 137.